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New Taurus Utv with H/L windshield

90.00 LBS
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Local Pick-Up: You can come and pick up your New ride at a lower price @ 3201 East Pioneer pkwy #34 Arlington, Tx 76010, however, In store we offer assembling service at additional charges, please call for details.

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Free shipping 48 contiguous states: Restrictions apply* E.G. home delivery for the golf carts are extra and Fuel surcharge applies to far away states.

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New Taurus Utv with H/L windshield

The Taurus Utv is a utility vehicle, although I couldn't find specific information on its windshield. However, I can provide a general description of a typical windshield on utility vehicles.

The windshield on the Taurus Utv, like most utility vehicles, is designed to provide protection, visibility, and durability. It is usually made of laminated safety glass, which consists of two layers of glass with a layer of plastic in between. This construction enhances safety by preventing the glass from shattering into sharp pieces upon impact.

The windshield is typically mounted at the front of the vehicle and serves multiple purposes. It shields the driver and passengers from wind, dust, debris, and weather elements such as rain and snow. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining visibility, allowing the driver to see the road ahead and navigate safely.

The exact size and shape of the windshield may vary depending on the specific design of the Taurus Utv. It may have a curved or angled shape to reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamics. Some windshields may feature integrated wipers and washers to clear away rain or dirt for better visibility.

It's important to note that without specific details or a manufacturer's description, this is a general explanation based on common knowledge. For precise information on the windshield of the Taurus 200U, I recommend referring to the official product specifications or contacting the manufacturer directly.

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