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TGB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ATVs, scooters, engines and related key components such as CVT, EPS, Differential ...etc. TGB brand products have gained an excellent reputation with its robust construction and renowned quality. TGB is recognized as a frequent winner of the ATV of the Year title in Europe, and the best-selling ATV brand ever. In addition, TGB also works closely with a number of the world's leading manufacturers of scooters, ATVs and UTVs, for OEM / ODM services by offering Engines and key parts.

History of TGB

In 1965, the founder, Mr. Chang Chi-Fu established TVC (Taiwan Vespa Company Ltd.) for the production of licensed Vespa scooters in the Taiwanese market. The company also manufactured and exported key parts and components for Piaggio, the largest Italian manufacturer of scooters.

TGB (Taiwan Golden Bee Co. Ltd.) was established as a subsidiary of Taiwan Vespa Company and continually supported Piaggio supply program, including the production of shock absorber, stamping parts, flywheel magneto, and starter motor.

During this period of time, all the CVT mounted in Taiwan-produced scooters were imported from Japan. TGB was the first company in Taiwan to produce its own CVTs and used to have more than 60% of market share by offering scooter CVTs in the European markets. Today, TGB is one of the largest manufacturers of CVT in the world.

TGB started developing and manufacturing scooters of its own design. TGB scooters focused on higher quality from the beginning. TGB intended exclusively to export, especially for Europe, and soon after quickly and successfully being promoted to the worldwide markets.

TGB was gradually becoming a reliable and trustable supplier of CVTs to many of the world's leading manufacturers of scooters, ATVs and snowmobiles, such as Piaggio, Minarelli, Morini, Peugeot, Rotax, Polaris, and SYM. In its own engine plant, TGB manufactured its own two-stroke engines with volumes from 50 up to 150 cc.

Thanks to the favorable price, high quality, efficient production, modern design and renowned reliability of TGB scooters. The brand awareness of TGB was built up in the European markets. The high reliability and affordability of TGB products had paved the way for the brand's success, which continues to this day.

In 2005, an important strategic decision was made by the company top management. TGB began to develop its own utility ATV aimed at European and worldwide markets. The legendary of TGB Blade 400 was coming to the market, and was very quickly becoming one of the most popular ATVs in Europe.

TGB RS303 50 scooter won Australian freestyle motocross Champion and successfully jumped the world's first scooter backflip (somersault backwards).

In 2007, TGB BLADE 400 honorably received the French title of "Quad Bike of the Year" from the French Quad (ATV) Magazine.

A new attractive range of TGB 500 ATV models with powerful engines was coming to the market. TGB BLADE 550 was nominated as the best-selling ATV in France and Germany.

TGB BLADE 550 IRS ATV received the "ATV of the Year 2010" award and at the same time, the title of "Utility ATV of the Year 2010" in the Czech Republic.

TGB BLADE 550 became the best-selling ATV in the Czech Republic.

TGB ATVs were upgraded with (EFI) electronic fuel injection technology. Due to the modern technology, TGB ATVs were even more user-friendly, easier to operate, lower fuel consumption and higher performance.
TGB Blade 550 was granted with the "Quad of the Year 2013" in Germany as the best 300-550 cc quad (ATV) in Germany.

TGB developed its own (EPS) electric power steering system and began to install it in a wide range of its models. The EPS significantly contributed to better handling, safer driving and easier control of TGB ATVs. At the same time, TGB had once again proven that TGB products were applied with the high quality and advanced technology with a cost-effected design. The latest models with EPS had further strengthened TGB's market position and attracted new customers across Europe.

TGB launched its 1000 ATV, the flagship of the TGB product, equipped with the most powerful engine among Taiwanese manufacturers. The top TGB 1000 ATV had once again shifted the standards of performance and maneuverability of TGB ATVs to another higher level.

The world-famous manufacturer of tractors, small tractors and agricultural machinery, applied TGB 1000cc V-twin engine into its UTV product lineup with an output of 83 hp.

TGB Blade 1000 LT EPS EVO Quad was awarded as the title of 2019 on the basis of public voting in a poll organized by the Association of Car Importers (SDA).

Today, TGB keeps manufacturing the high-quality scooters, ATVs, CVTs and engines for exportations and for more than 40 countries. TGB is committed to continue offering the best products and services to its partners and end-users. Now, TGB is devoted to developing the next generation of UTV products and will be coming soon in the upcoming years!

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