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What To See While Planning To Procure A New Dirt Bike

Are you selecting a dirt bike for your adventure ride? The engine type and size are critical factors to consider before your purchase. Dirt bike engines are either 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Its engine sizes range from 50-500cc. Two-stroke engines generally have lower displacement (below 250cc) while four-stroke engines have higher displacement (250cc and above). Compared to pit bikes, dirt bikes can have much larger engines. It is typically found over 500cc which makes them more powerful.

Visual Appearance

A dirt bike has a much larger frame. It makes dirt bikes more challenging for beginners to ride. The large size of a dirt bike is necessary to clear obstacles on trails but can seem intimidating to inexperienced riders. However, with practice, the size and versatility of dirt bikes become assets. In contrast, pit bikes are smaller and easier for novices to handle, but less capable on rough terrain. The key differences in size and handling make dirt bikes and pit bikes suited for different riding conditions and rider skill levels.

New RPS 110 Dlx Dirt Bike

Tire Tread

Tire treads are crucial for traction in different conditions. You can choose dirt or street treads depending on where you primarily ride. Dirt bikes and pit bikes have similar treads, allowing tyre interchangeability. Within the dirt biking community, many riders split time between street and off-road riding. Choosing to ride on-road or off-road depends on personal preference. However, pit bike and dirt bike tyre sizes differ. Pit bikes have 12-14-inch tyres, while dirt bikes usually have larger 18-inch tyres.

Suspension Systems

Another important aspect of a bike is its suspension system, which is vital in absorbing the impact that can occur on your arms while riding. Good suspension makes for a much smoother ride over bumpy terrain. Dirt bikes are larger and faster than other bikes, so they require beefier forks and suspension to minimize the impact on your body. Smooth yet solid suspension is crucial for keeping you stable and safe while riding a dirt bike. The high speeds and challenging terrain that dirt bikes encounter, like rocks, jumps, and uneven ground, demand more robust suspension components.

Speed & Acceleration

The most thrilling aspect is choosing the engine. Speed demons will want to pay close attention here. Dirt bikes come in 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines, ranging up to 750cc. While you can buy 50cc bikes with similar speeds to pit bikes, higher cc bikes deliver stronger acceleration and higher top speeds. Two-stroke engines accelerate faster than four-stroke. However, four-stroke engines reach higher top speeds and are easier to control.

Overall Safety & Skill Level

Although both skilled and unskilled riders can enjoy riding bikes, there is a learning curve to riding safely. Dirt bikes often have more powerful engines than other bikes, which can be intimidating for beginners. This is understandable, especially if you hop onto a two-stroke dirt bike for the first time. The harsh acceleration of high-powered dirt bikes can easily lead to accidents if the rider cannot control the bike properly. For this reason, dirt bikes are generally considered less safe for beginners than bikes with smaller engines like pit bikes.

Exhaust Sound

While all dirt bikes are loud, two-stroke engines produce a distinct, buzzing sound. It is reminiscent of the swarm of bees. This unique sound, though not essential, is worth noting - especially for riders who enjoy the high-pitch sound. Ultimately, no dirt bike will be quiet, but the two-stroke's signature bee-like drone sets it apart.

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