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The Dirt Bike Maintenance Just Before A Ride

It is quite possible to buy Apollo dirt bikes from us now. We at Arlington Power Sports have a wide range of such bikes differing in price and features. So, you can easily select one according to your budget and purpose. We have partnered with Pay Tomorrow to offer financial support for those who face any financial difficulty while making a purchase.

However, if you desire to have a pleasant ride on your dirt bike you cannot avoid some pre-ride maintenance. Let us have a look at some of such maintenances.

Cleaning the Chain

Dirt collected during a ride can accelerate the degradation of the metal parts. So, it is vital to clean the chain before every ride. You need to spray the chain cleaner and let it sit for some time before you clean that with a chain cleaner brush. While you are cleaning the chain you need to ascertain whether the chain needs to be tightened. It is wise to perform this maintenance and check before every ride.

Clean with a Cleanser and Water

If you notice that the dirt bike has collected a lot of dirt, it is wise to clean it with water mixed with a cleanser. It is best to select a bio-degradable cleanser as it works best to clean. You need to mix 50% water with 50% cleanser and spray it on the bike. After allowing it to settle for some time, scrub the required areas and clean with clear water to get rid of the mud and dirt.

Rinse and Dry

It is wise to use a power washer or a hose to clean a dirt bike. You need to work from top to the bottom and ensure that the inner parts of the fenders, plastic, and parts have proper cleaning. After cleaning you need to dry every part with a cloth so that no moisture is left on the parts. If water stays on the dirt bike, it may result in rusting the parts.

Apply Plastic Protectant

Some parts of the dirt bike are made of plastic. You need to take proper steps to protect the plastic parts. You need to use plastic protectants and that will make the plastic parts stay protected and look new. You need to spray the protectant and wipe it with a rug to protect the plastic parts.

Use Chain Lubricants

Using a chain lubricant, you can minimize the overall friction and wear. You need to use a sprayer and spray the lubricant over the chain. It is not necessary to move your hand, you can move the wheel so that the chain moves and gets covered by the lubricant.

We think these are some of the pre-ride maintenances to follow which will allow you to have a pleasant ride.

We think that along with these pre-ride maintenances if you follow the below safety rules no one can stop you from having a pleasant ride.

While riding the Apollo dirt bikes you have purchased from us never wear loose clothing, and open-toed shoes, never ride when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or ride at night when visibility is low. Moreover, it is wise to enroll in a safety training class before riding dirt bikes.

Hope, that you follow these maintenances and safety rules to have an exciting and pleasant dirt bike ride after you have purchased from us.

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