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Electric Go Karts Vs. Gas Go Karts – Know What’s Suitable For You!


Are you new to the go kart world? Looking for a go kart for sale in Grand Prairie TX suitable for you? Feeling confused between gas go karts and electric go karts? Then we at Arlington Powersports have come to your rescue from this confusion. We have years of experience is providing best quality go karts in Dallas for sale and hence we know the nuts and bolts of go karts of all kind.

Coming to your confusion, we have brought you the significant differences between gas and electric motored go karts so that you can decide which one is better option for you. Both the gas and electric go karts have their own benefits, check out below –

  • Speed

As far as speed is concerned electric go karts have great advantage over gas go karts. Electric go karts are designed for speedy racing experiences and hence these hit their top speed much quickly than that of gas go-karts. In case of the gas powered go karts the acceleration of the engine is slower before reaching its top revolutions per minute (RPM) or the power band for creating torque. On the other hand, electric go karts the torque is instant the moment you press the pedal which makes it a great option for tracks with multiple turns.

  • Management

Talking about managing or handling of the machine, again electric go karts outshine gas go karts here! Electric go karts offer better steering and racing experiences! Gas powered go-karts have usually heavy engine that is mounted on a specific location on the go kart which makes it uneven. On the contrary, electric go karts have evenly distributed battery weight that offers smoother ride.

  • Safety

Safety of the driver during go kart races is utmost necessary. And electric go karts offer better safety than the gas go-karts. As the battery weight is evenly distributed in electric go karts, the chances of flipping are less likely than the gas counterparts. Moreover, the mechanical components in the electric go karts are covered that prevents the driver from getting injured or burned. The electric go karts have reverse gear which allows you to back up during the event of spin or crash on the race track.

  • Eco friendliness

Electric go karts are ecofriendly machines. Electric go karts produce zero emissions whereas gas go-karts produce more emissions within an hour. That is why; electric go karts offer safer and cleaner driving experience. Although the gas go karts last longer but the electric go karts are safer options for both the environment and people around.

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